McMichael Park is a 6 acre space in the heart of one of Philadelphia’s most scenic and diverse neighborhoods: East Falls. We believe the park can become a more central and vibrant part of our community with the integration of an outdoor playspace. This natural playspace would both encourage children to explore the outdoors and allow community members a centralized place for gathering and programming.

The Philadelphia Parks and Recs Department  partnered with landscape architecture firm SALT Design Studio. The initial design includes enhancing the ecology of the park with the integration of new plantings as well as improved pathways and lighting. The playspace will encourage children and their caregivers to regularly visit the park, but the design enhancements will benefit the entire community by providing a safer, more accessible, and vibrant environment. Hundreds of parents and neighbors have voiced their support for a playspace at McMichael Park. Now, with both the approval of City Council and the Parks and Recreation Department, we are working to fund the design and construction of this remarkable community project.